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Kombo Real Estate.

Company Profile


Kombo Real Estate Co. Ltd began its operations in August 2013 with the vision to compliment the effort of the government in developing the country to a city state status and mission to assist the low income earners to own a less expensive house in a form of property mortgage arrangement. Considering the high demand from our esteemed customers, the company recently opens a subsidiary branch in Brusubi Turntable situated at the Petro Gas station.

Established as a limited liability company, we offer ground-breaking services to Private individuals, Corporates, Governments Institutions, Educational Institutions, and SME’s businesses. Our aim and objective is capacity building to solve MAIN problems in life including Land Sales, Property Building, Property Evaluations, Renting etc.

We have invested a lot of time and effort into ways in which Land can be revolutionized throughout the Gambia. The provision of these facilities at concessionary rates will go a long way in achieving the required recipe for success in the drive towards national.

Our Products and Services Include


  1. Empty Land Sales
  2. Property Buildings
  3. Building Society Scheme
  4. Property Evaluation
  5. Property Leasing
  6. Individual Package
  7. Institutional Package
  8. Sme’s Package
  9. Property Sales
  10. Property Maintenance
  11. Property Renting
  12. Sale Of Building Materials
  13. Cement Sales

How we do it?


We understand that different people have different needs, and that what works for one may not necessarily work for another. We therefore begin by understanding your needs, so that we can design tailor made solutions that meet your specific requirements. This involves gathering information through questionnaires, and site visits. Once this is done, our logistic team and marketing agents analyzes this information and comes up with a solution. This solution is analyzed further.

Once the proposal is presented and accepted by the client, KRE proceeds to make the necessary arrangements to make a presentation of the solutions for your problem. Upon completion of the presentation, our marketing agents will have you registered for a site visit to our various locations available.

Depending on the service subscribed to one or both of the following my apply:

  1. Signing of a Service Agreement
  2. Signing of a Maintenance Contract

We pride ourselves in providing quality goods and services that surpass customer expectations. Kre ensures that client infrastructure
OUR Team consists of experienced and highly skilled professionals, who have a wealth of experience and recognized certification in their respective fields. For this reason, our customers are assured of quality and professional services provided by these competent individuals and ensures that you get the best value for your money